A girl in a raincoat over her naked body gracefully sits on the steps in the park… This can only be seen in Odessa! And then, if on this day Pablo Incognito creates there…

The square near Deribas is a chic location for a photo session in the Nude genre. Where else can you show off your legs in a favorable light, if not on the stairs?

Pablo loves yellow! He prefers everything in color. You can see this in the color palette of his photo gallery. But yellow is his favorite. This color is able to make any photo warm, even the one that was taken in mid–October in the shade of tall trees, when the townspeople put on jackets.

In the square near Deribas, I walked up and down the stairs and just along the alley. I got a little tired and decided to sit down. Pablo praised me for the beautiful pose and the photography continued… And here is the result!

We shot several short stories and all of them have already been published on the site. Follow the links and enjoy:

Text — Iren Adler

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    У Ирен божественное тело!

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