Peignoir is an attribute of female seduction. It is appropriate not only in the bedroom, but also in the photo session in the Nude genre.

This is the first episode of a series of nude photo shoots filmed in April 2020 during the pandemic. Coronavirus has affected not only our lives, but also creativity. Now the mask is an essential accessory even in photographs…

Three more photosets from this series have been published on the site:

A girl walks alone along the deserted alley of the park. Her face is hidden by a black mask. The image is complemented by a cardigan, a peignoir and high-heeled shoes, also in black. This color conveys the mood. She doesn’t smile.

But a woman in any situation remains a woman —seductive and quick–witted… And so she decides to fool around a little, entertain herself, because there is no one around…

She throws off her cardigan and through the transparent fabric of the peignoir, you can see that she has no panties on. A couple of flashes of a stylish bikini haircut and she leaves without removing the mask from her face…

Iren Adler

  1. Руслан
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    Добрый День!!! Очень !!! Очень!!! КРАСИВО!!! Это Восхищает!!!
    Спасибо за ПОЗИТИВ!!!

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