Coastal harbor is a unique place in Nikolaev. A location for photography and a place for secret meetings of couples in love.

This is the fourth episode of a series of nude photo shoots filmed in April 2020 during the pandemic. In fact, we filmed it a week early. Then we decided to include it last in the series because it is the most life-affirming – colorful and bright.

And there was also the wind… I love the wind! He always brings change. And it also helps to create light, romantic, disheveled images, and even a mask on the face cannot prevent this …

Three more photosets from this series have been published on the site:

Spring does not indulge in good weather. Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s windy, sometimes it’s very cold. Sometimes the sun peeps out for a while and I want to immediately undress and warm up … Everyone is tired of winter, especially me. I literally persuaded Pablo to take a picture of me. According to the forecast for the weekend, the weather should be good, somewhere + 19 ° С warm, but very windy.

For the image, I wore stockings with a belt. It was unusual. Despite my vast experience in nude photography, I did not know how to present myself in such “female things”. But the feeling of erotic lingerie on my body turned me on a little…

We arrived at the Kabotazhka. This is a magical place. Here you can take spatial photographs against the background of ships with a beautiful and romantic background. This place is known and loved by many local photographers. More than one photoshoot in the style of “Nude” was filmed here. Only now the courage to show the result is not enough for everyone. Only Pablo is brave! And his wonderful music…

Despite the quarantine, the location was crowded. A small flock of girls drank low alcohol, danced and sang along to their favorite track. The couple stood at the water’s edge, looked at the ships and hugged. On the other side was a car, from which no one got out, but it was clear that there was … a date. Here is such a secluded and romantic place – our Kabotazhka.

We also found a place for ourselves. But in order to shoot what he had planned, Pablo had to first climb the stones, and then lie on the ground. He is ready for any sacrifice for the sake of good shots.

The wind was so strong that it tore off my cloak. Because of the developing hair in the photo, you will not immediately notice the mask on the face, but it is there, take a closer look! With this photoset, we wanted to show that even if the world has slowed down and people have stopped communicating with each other, fearing the coronavirus, this does not mean that you need to stop enjoying life and take pictures in a delicate genre, even if you hide your face behind a mask. Moreover, it corresponds to the style of “Incognito”!

Iren Adler

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    Чулочки и каблучки подчеркивают великолепную красоту Ирен!

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