A lone bench in a remote corner of the park, like kissing spots in a movie theater. Usually couples sit on it and kiss passionately. And such a bench is present in the most frank erotic fantasies…

This is the third episode of a series of nude photo shoots filmed in April 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. The mask is now part of the everyday look (ordinary medical, go to the store) and festive (haute couture, for special occasions :(). Also, and unfortunately, it is an integral part of the modern photo image …

Three more photosets from this series have been published on the site:

It’s the same park. The same desert alley. Girl in a black jacket on a naked body. Now she has arranged a striptease on a park bench. Fully naked, she waves her jacket over her head like a flag, demonstrating her opposition to restrictions on movement, activity, and even thought.

Photography, unlike painting, is documentary. She is able to convey the mood at the time of shooting without distortion. In my opinion, this photoset is not erotic!

Erotica should be different! It should excite desire, fantasies, love. It must be in color. And of course it should be open–faced! This is just a protest.

Iren Adler

  1. Lerson
    | Reply

    восхищает шикарное тело Ирен…..грудь стройные ноги лобок….

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