This is one of the few black and white photosets on this site.

Pablo loves a riot of color! He has many photosets, where different colors prevail: yellow (for him it is fetish), raspberry (very effective and memorable), purple (rare and fabulous color), red (my favorite, most passionate), orange (bright and warm), pink (suitable for a delicate look), blue (stylish and rare).

It was this photo session under the city bridge, in the backdrop, when the muse was dressed in a strict outfit — a white top and a black skirt, that Pablo wanted to do in shades of gray. And he was right, it turned out very impressive!

Topless in the photoset “50 shades of gray in Nikolaev” performed by Bella is gentle and a little shy.

In general, Bella can be different:

All four of these photosets with her participation were photographed in one photo day. Pablo constantly practices this type of photography as a photo day. It is very exciting! You can try many different images, visit different locations and get a sea of ​​different emotions. It’s like a big weekend, just a creative one.

The result of such a photo day is a lot of material for future photo stories in “Nude”, “Glamor” or “Pin–up” styles, which will be published on the site. And some photos will be used to create author’s posters and calendars, which you can buy in our “Boutique”.

Recently, at almost all photo sessions, we have been shooting video backstage. You can already watch some interesting videos on our website. They allow the viewer to feel the atmosphere at the photo session, to virtually observe (peep ?) the spectacle (lights, walking, topless, bottomless, striptease) that cannot be seen in ordinary life.

This photoset also has a backstage — “50 shades of gray in Nikolaev. Video.” — look, you won’t regret it, especially listen to what Pablo is talking about on the phone to his friend (also a photographer, only a sportsman), what he is doing now…

Девушка позирует топлес на фоне моста. Фото Пабло Инкогнито

Also, Pablo created his author’s poster “50 shades of gray in Nikolaev (poster).“, Using a photo from this photo session. This poster can be an original gift for a real connoisseur of the erotic genre. It is interactive, the poster contains QR codes for a photoset and video. I’m sure all guests at the celebration will also want to consider your gift, especially men (verified personally!) 😉 .

P.S. Pablo Incognito is a unique brand.

This is not art, this is creativity — distinctive and original, unlike any other (it is useless to compare, there is simply nothing to do with it). Pablo even came up with a name for his style — “Modern Ukrainian Social Erotica“. This is the kind of eroticism that is available to everyone. This is an intimate relationship between a man and a woman in ordinary life. These are the emotions we experience when we love and admire. And for this style he is constantly inspired by publications on many ordinary, “popular” websites and forums where people post their photos (though, unlike Pablo — without a face ) 😉 .

Iren Adler

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