Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of beauty and love, fertility, eternal spring and life.

A beautiful naked woman is Aphrodite for her beloved man. And he is ready to idolize her, adore and photograph her…

May 2, 2020. Saturday. It’s warm, sunny and + 22 °С in our Nikolaev! The townspeople have taken off their jackets and enjoy the spring sun. On this day, from 6 am, we already managed to photograph several photo stories in the city… Here is one of them — “Provocative transformation. 61

And after lunch we decided to go to Yuzhny to “breathe in the sea air”, and if we can find a quiet place, then maybe even sunbathe…

The weather forecast showed that in Yuzhny + 16 °С, wind and fog. But we just didn’t believe it! How can it be so that the temperature difference in neighboring cities was so significant, but here the sun is warming with might and main!

At lunchtime we got into the car and drove off. With each kilometer of the route, the sky became darker and the wind stronger. We were discouraged, but still continued on our way.

Have arrived. The sea in the fog is a magical sight! We have seen this for a long time. The cold will not prevent us from at least taking a walk. I put on all the clothes that were with me, and we walked along the shore in the direction of the nude beach, where we like to relax in the summer.

On the way we met unique people. For example, a woman was walking towards me, dressed in a down jacket and a hat, but barefoot. She walked with pleasure on the water. Bliss was read in her serene face. We touched the water — it’s… warm!

Pablo almost never parted with his camera and lenses. He is good at photographing nature, but he is better at nude women in nature! That is why he is a nude photographer?!

We slowly made our way to the nudist beach. There we met Vlad — an old–timer and a voluntary “administrator” of a nudist beach, at the same time an admirer of our delicate creativity. Seeing us, he asked: “Have you come to the photo session?” He was sincerely surprised that we consider the dampness and temperature + 16 °C unsuitable for a nude photo session. He himself bathes in the sea all year round. He always has a great tan, both summer and winter!

While we walked 1.5 kilometers to the beach, I got warm. And after Vlad’s question about the photo session, I thought: “Why not?”. And in a second she took off all her clothes, and remained in her “combat outfit”. Pablo was even taken aback by my determination and instantly took out and adjusted his technique.

We decided that nature itself gave us the opportunity to shoot such an unusual photo scene — Aphrodite in sea foam and foggy haze. The photo session lasted only 3 minutes. I didn’t freeze, but I even got excited while posing!

There is no striptease plot in this photoset, I am already naked. Outfits are inappropriate when you emerge from sea foam, and even on a nudist beach?…

At the end of the photoset, breaking the “fourth wall” :), we publish a photo of us in the exact form in which we walked along the beach. Suddenly? This is specifically so that you, our friends, have the effect of being present ?…

Iren Adler

Photos from this photoset are used in the author’s erotic poster «Out of the foam came… Aphrodite», which you can buy in our “Boutique” in your personal collection or as a gift, for example, to a person who has everything or a real lover of erotic art.

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