Early May. In our area, at this time, summer is usually in full swing. But this year it was still cool, although there were some warm days. It was on such a sunny Sunday that Pablo decided to take pictures of his beloved muse, Bella.

For me, it was my debut as a backstage videographer. It turned out to be a very exciting experience – to observe up close how the photographer and his model work. Shooting in the genre of “Nude” – this is a very intimate process. It’s like a flirtation between a maestro and a muse.Therefore, the backstage player must be inconspicuous so as not to frighten off this fragile connection. It is she who helps to create real emotional photos. I tried my best not to miss a single piquant moment of this spectacular spectacle.

Pablo, as a polite person who has been working in the “delicate” genre for a long time, warned Bella in advance that I would be filming a video backstage. She did not refuse, did not get scared, but felt quite comfortable and confident.

In this morning we shot several scenes:

But for me personally, it was the “Forest Nymph” plot that was the most sensual and erotic. In this translucent spring green dress, Bella’s mouth-watering shapes looked particularly beautiful. She perfectly owns her hands – I watched and admired.

A glance … It deserves a separate word. In the photo, Bella is not looking into the camera lens, but directly into the soul of the photographer. Wow, how tempting she does it!

And of course, striptease – how can it be without it? What could be more beautiful than a girl, beautifully undressing right on the path in the park? Bella’s photo striptease was a little shy, but very sensual. The result is a “wow effect”. I realized this when, after taking the photo, Pablo kissed Bella’s hand. He always does this when he sees in the photo lens, as he says, a picture that unexpectedly delights.

When this photo-morning ended, Pablo was very pleased with the result, and already sitting in the car with me, he shared: “Isn’t Bella’s forms huggy? 🙂 ”.

How can you disagree here?

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    Шикарно!!! Модель восхитительна!

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