What are you ready to do for your loved one?

Hot summer evening. The beloved asked to arrange a spicy show with a striptease for him. For me, black is the sexiest color, so I chose this particular outfit.

We found a quiet, uninhabited place overlooking the river and sunset. Romance!

It was a fairly long nude photo session, as much as 13 minutes. Pablo “shot” 750 shots, and, choosing the best of the best, he pretty much sweated, because the photoset turned out to be rich in the number of photos, emotions, and the piquancy of views 😉 .

Women’s panties are the most popular fetish not only among men, but also among women. Women like it when they are wearing panties, men when women are not wearing panties. Such is the game!

What happened right after the photo session, I won’t tell you …

But, if you are truly in love, you will guess! 🙂

This long photoset has a rather long video backstage – 15 minutes of a dynamic and very erotic striptease in my performance. I tried to 😉

Video backstage nude photo sessions with striptease. Photo by Pablo Incognito

Iren Adler

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  1. Anatolii
    | Reply

    А мне нравится трусики с девушки стягивать)
    Прям за живое задели, черти!

  2. kalamariandbeer
    | Reply

    super super super

  3. kalamariandbeer
    | Reply

    super super super Iren the best

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