If you suddenly came up with a strange and bold, or rather crazy, idea to walk naked in the park, put on a mask and no one will recognize you 🙂 But it’s better not to walk like that in public places! For this there are deserted…

This is the second episode of a series of nude photos taken in April 2020 during the pandemic. We are told that masks protect us from the virus. They hide our faces in the photographs…

Three more photosets from this series have been published on the site:

The same deserted alley of the park… Having walked in a transparent peignoir and making a couple of flashes of a stylish bikini-haircut, the girl became bolder…

Passage in a cardigan, raincoat, coat or cape on a naked body is Pablo Incognito’s favorite genre. Later, he will begin to take more active photo and video walks in crowded places and on beaches. There will be many. And all of them will turn out to be easy to understand and interesting with their uncomplicated plots.

I personally really like not only to act in such walks, but also to view the result, and then write stories to it. I hope you, our viewers, enjoy reading them!

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Iren Adler

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  1. Сергій
    | Reply

    Так начебто ж вирішили, що це не ексбіціонизм, бо немає глядачів, або людей поспіль 🙂

    • Pablo

      Назва та явище трохи різні речі. Назвою я хотів підкреслити настрій. Сміливий, начебто готовий на усе заради ідеї! Але насправді людей не було. І це лише тільки назва… 🙂

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