Sniper Iren” is the name of one of the photos from this photoset, which was presented at the 5th personal exhibition of Pablo Incognito “Photo reading on the topic “How I spent my summer ” (March 13, 2020).

We shot this photo story on the same photo day as:

A muse for a man is a woman, but she can be different. Militant or romantic, dressed or naked. It all depends on her mood.

The location of this “military” nude photo session is Oleshkovsky sands – our Ukrainian desert in the middle of the endless steppe in the Kherson region. How we got there, you can find out from the description of the photoset “Military Muse. With a gun

What outfits are needed for a nude photo shoot with weapons? Disguises, of course. And better than none! A naked woman with a weapon disarms any man without even firing a single shot :). But nevertheless, it was decided that the model needed to be dressed a little …

Ideal accessories — real army ammunition:

  • a sniper rifle with a scope, with a range of more than 2 kilometers;
  • a “male size,” unloading vest, very large and very heavy;
  • the army panama suited me perfectly, it complemented the image and covered my head from the sun;
  • tactical noise canceling headphones on the ears it is an unusual sensation to hear the rustle of grass.

Our military instructor (he is also the author of the idea, he is also my ardent admirer) advised me during the course of the action how to hold the rifle correctly, how to aim correctly (and all sorts of bikes and funny incidents at the range), for which a vest and headphones are needed.

I love non-standard locations and ideas for photography, you always learn something new and interesting on them.

The presence of someone else besides the photographer at the “Nude” photo session was a novelty for us. Before that, we were photographed together (or rather, I posed, and Pablo photographed me). I was worried that a stranger was watching the process.

To please a man is a natural need for a woman. I saw that not only Pablo liked me, but also our instructor 🙂

Iren Adler

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