This is one of several Nude photosets shot in the desert with real military gear.

There are several “Military muses” in our gallery:

Click on the links, see photosets 🙂

Among the sands of the Ukrainian desert (location – Oleshkovsky sands), a military muse stands guard. Through binoculars, she sees a possible enemy, she hears him through headphones, and for protection she put on tactical gloves.

But in fact, the main weapon of the muse is naked beauty! No man can resist her!

Iren Adler

P.S. Thanks to our fan club for help and ammunition. And also for tips from a military instructor. Now I know not only how to interact with weapons, but also how to disguise in a forest area 🙂

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  1. Iv
    | Reply

    Какая же она прекрасная

  2. михаил
    | Reply

    она прекрасная

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