It was a whole “war” photo day. To shoot a nude photo session with weapons, we went to Oleshkovsky sands (Ukrainian desert in the center of the steppe).

We left early in the morning. While driving, we stopped in interesting places:

  • iodine lake
  • metal Bumblebee three meters tall
  • deserted track with beautiful markings
  • dense pine forest

And, of course, we took pictures in all these places! If there weren’t many people, they filmed “Nude”, in crowded locations we were saved by shooting in the styles “Glamor” and “Pin–up” with light highlights (how can we do without them, the genre obliges 🙂 ).

On the journey we were accompanied by a real military instructor. My ardent admirer is, as they say, “a real colonel” 🙂 ! He was also the initiator of this photo trip to the Ukrainian desert:

  • prepared a weapon (of course, there are permits for all the “trunks”, it cannot be otherwise)
  • captured as accessories and other uniforms (glasses, headphones, training grenades, knives)
  • offered a real military location (at the other end of the desert, exercises were going on, we did not see or hear this, so we took our word for it)
  • he was dragging a huge and heavy bag with all the good while we made our way through the forest
  • on the way I told (instructor, professional deformation 🙂 ) about the principles of military
  • camouflage on rough terrain (sometimes it was scary for me when I imagined that another soldier in camouflage uniforms could hide under an ordinary snag)

Despite the early morning, it was very hot (July – August in our area is the hottest time). When we made our way through the forest, I walked completely naked, combined the useful with the pleasant — I sunbathed and took pictures — in fluffy reeds, in high feather grass, near white birches, with flowers, with leaves — with everything that the forest is rich in.

Our trinity: two huge men — a photographer, hung with bags with photographic equipment and a military instructor with a large trunk at the ready and a completely naked forest nymph with a bunch of flowers, looked very defiant and it would discourage anyone if we met him along the way, but we met no one…

Already pretty tired, we finally got to the place. Coming out of the thicket, we saw a five–meter embankment, behind which was our desert.

My accessories for this photoset were real tactical goggles, a training machine and a camouflage jacket. I have to say that the fabric from which this jacket was sewn was very interesting. She reflected the sun — I was not hot in her, she was enlightened (having thrown a hood over my eyes, I could clearly see everything around) and in general it was very comfortable in her.

Thanks to such outings, you not only get vivid impressions, do photo fitness (which I mean, you can read in my article, click the link), but also learn something new, for example, how to disguise in the forest.

P.S. If you are hooked on the “Desert” theme, click on the link and see even more photosets and video backgrounds in this “sultry” location, where it is so hot that you want to walk naked, which I did 🙂 .

Iren Adler

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