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You know the old “bearded” joke?

The skinny girl thinks she is plump.
A plump girl thinks she’s fat.
And the fat girl put on leopard leggings and is sure that she is beautiful 🙂

Odesa, nude Iren Adler near the SeaportOdesa, nude Iren Adler at the monument to de RibasWhat am I for? And to the fact that we women tend to be dissatisfied with our figure. This is probably because we pay attention to detail, rather than seeing the picture as a whole, as men do.

We are constantly striving for the ideal! We spend a lot of time and money on beauty. We visit cosmetologists, make-up artists, hairdressers, masseurs. We go to fitness clubs or yoga to improve our figure.

But in fact, I already understood this, you need to improve your overall body tone, posture and strive for a positive perception of life in general, and not chase the press “in cubes”, biceps and triceps. Although I also like sports girls  🙂 .

I am able to evaluate female beauty impartially. When I help Pablo with photo shoots with other models, I will definitely compliment another muse. And it won’t just be a compliment, like “you have beautiful makeup” or “you look great”, no, it will be a compliment to her strengths… For example, “I love looking at your hands, you use them so skillfully in the frame, it’s fascinating” or “you have the most beautiful and long legs, do not hide them, show them, do not be shy!”. And it works, the girls become more confident and boldly demonstrate their “strengths”!

So still…

How to keep yourself in great shape?

Personally, I found the perfect workout! I call it NUDE STYLE PHOTO FITNESS!

Yes, I have been actively photographing nude for a long time. And I do it at every opportunity. Most often, the initiator of nude photo shoots, of course, is Pablo. But I also periodically show initiative, come up with an image, choose a location, discuss it with Pablo and he always supports me.

If it happens that there are no photo shoots for a long time, my body begins to rebel and demand nude training. Photo fitness for me is doping. It not only tidies up my body, but also raises my self-esteem.

Even after a minute photo shoot, I feel my body like after a half-hour workout in the gym. Plus a dose of adrenaline, because the photos are taken on the street and there is always a danger of being “caught” by passers-by. Plus useful exercises: pull in the abdomen, straighten the back, bend, raise the arms or stretch the legs – lead to an amazing result.

Girls, I’m not campaigning, I’m just sharing my experience… But I recommend choosing one of the three options for photo fitness:

Nude selfie

Take a selfie in front of the mirror naked, admire yourself, if you wish – brag to your girlfriend or boyfriend. The first, perhaps, will envy, the last – for certain will be glad to such surprise 😉 .

Joint nude

Have your favorite man (husband, fiancé, boyfriend) take a picture of you naked or in erotic lingerie on your phone or camera. This activity will entertain you both and will definitely bring you closer physically and mentally (personally tested) + spicy photos will be added to your personal photo album.

Pablo Incognito nude photo shoot

And if you are also brave, take a picture with a photographer who specializes in nude photography. This is a very exciting activity – I’ll tell you. Plus you will have a set of professional photos in your collection. This can be a custom photo shoot or a TFP.

P.S. If you decide on a professional photo shoot in the genres of “Nude”, “Glamor” or “Pin–ap“, I will try to help you not only with compliments, but also to create an interesting image. I have a rich wardrobe of stage outfits (what a trick – more than 40 pairs of shoes of different colors :)).

After all, “Modern Ukrainian social erotica” by Pablo Incognito is a flirtation, seduction, striptease, in which the outfit plays not the least role…

Iren Adler

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  1. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Даешь Фотофитнес в Спортклубы!
    И все девчонки будут такие красивые и женственные как Ирен)))

    • PabloIncognito

      Поддерживаю! Двумя руками и фотоаппаратом! 🙂

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