Why are we doing this? Version of Mars.

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My beloved wife, my friend and my muse have already published their Version of Venus on this subject. Read mine to get a voluminous impression.

I’m a man.

As you can see from the photo, I am a man. Healthy (in every sense), charismatic, according to some women, even beautiful and certainly in the prime of life. I like women. I admire their beauty and grace. I need it like air (pathetic little, but it’s true). Photography allows me to admire these beautiful creatures. I am lucky 😉

All men are interested in erotica. I’m not an exception. And I, as a amateur photographer, was always fascinated by erotic photography. From my youth I first searched for the Internet simply erotic photographs, then, when the cup of impressions was full, more and more I tried to find the original photos. Over time, I came to the conclusion that it was the photographer who most of all affects how surprising the end result will be. Even if his model, model or muse is perfection itself, all the same, only a good master can, through his soul and heart, do his job perfectly and show this perfection to the world.

Then I found Helmut Newton. More precisely, his work. Then a lot of his work. And I realized that this is exactly the person who, long before me, embodied a tangible part of my desires, but only in black and white photographs. I was always admired by his courage and ability to translate his personal fantasies into photography. He deservedly achieved recognition and is considered one of the best masters who lived at the turn of the century. My wife says that I have every chance of becoming the “new Helmut.” She is so sure of it, as June Newton (the only wife and the main muse of Helmut) was once sure.

As my Iren says, my photographic activity is my mission to help women reveal themselves and become as attractive as possible to their beloved men and to the entire world around them. Taking a picture of slightly dressed or naked, the woman “opens up”, gets rid, so to speak, of the opinion not imposed by society of the happiest people, that sexuality should be ashamed, that it should appear only under the covers and with the lights off.

You probably noticed that most of the photos on my site are images of my Iren Adler. And this is not surprising. Photos in the style of “nude” — our hobbies from youth. We started to “get up” first, and then “create” back in 2002 (see our first photo shoot with which it all started). Now it’s even more than creativity… I took a chance and showed the public our photos. And the audience (thanks to all our fans!) Supported us! Now we have a site in which, by the way, every day at 6 am (Kiev time) a new photoset appears. So, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, for a good mood, just visit my site 🙂 And I’ll try to surprise you!

So still, why are we doing this?

But not for what! We do this simply because it excites — excites me, excites my Iren, excites my beautiful muses, excites my spectators at exhibitions and site visitors, and, therefore, the rest of the world around us. And from this he becomes more beautiful and stronger! In the end, after all kinds of excitement, over time we become more (I’m talking about kids, if someone doesn’t understand 😉 Is this the most beautiful mission in the world?

Pablo Incognoto

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  1. Julia
    | Reply

    “Das Wichtigste für mich ist die Reihenfolge im Rahmen” -Helmut Neustädter
    Самое главное для МЕНЯ порядок в кадре – Helmut Neustädter

    • Pablo

      Искренне благодарю за ваше внимание!

  2. Viktor Parkhomchuk
    | Reply

    Чудово написано, Пабло! Мені подобається зміст, як де ти пишиш про своє кохання до жінок через фотографію. Я тебе розумію. Мені теж подобаються жінки , їх краса , природна врода . Єротика в твоєї фотографії надзвичайно гарна. Маєш талант, добру музу та кохану . Хай вам щастить та ще більше вам креактивності яка вас буде захоплювати щоб знаходити нові ідеї для праці .

    • Pablo

      Дякую за дуже теплі слова! І вам бажаю творчих успіхів і щирого кохання, Вікторе!

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