A woman always remains a woman in any situation.

This time too. After a nude photo session with weapons and military ammunition in a desert, I really wanted romance …

Our military instructor, who was the initiator and co-organizer of the photo trip, impressed by my beauty and grace (as he later confessed) gave me a bouquet of wildflowers.

Girls love not only diamonds. They love flowers too. The bouquet adjusts to tenderness and the image in the photo turns out to be very feminine.

I wanted to wallow in the scorching sand that stuck to a sweating body and be divinely beautiful and hotly desired.

I didn’t manage to roll around for a long time, the sand really burned, it took us 5 minutes to shoot this sensual photoset.

With photo shoots “Military Muse”: sniper, with binoculars, with a gun and a bouquet ” (these are different photosets, click on the links and see!), we are finished.

I was so warmed up in the direct (the heat was incredible) and figurative (I had an enthusiastic viewer) senses that we also filmed a real photo story about a lady in evening dress with a bottle of martini who somehow magically ended up in the desert – “I knew that amuses, but did not know what it is!” (Attention! The photoset is marked with the tag “openly” 😉 ).

But that’s a completely different story 🙂

Iren Adler

  1. Anatolii
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    Прилипший песок на этих стройных ножках… Горячая, вспотевшая и такая сексуальная! Я бы повалялся рядышком с тобой Ирен 🙂

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