There are many stairs in Odessa. Especially in the old part of the city.

Successful nude photos are obtained on the steps. Shooting can be done as from top to bottom when the girl goes down. So it is from the bottom up when the girl goes up the stairs. The main thing is that she was in an unbuttoned raincoat!

This photoshoot is notable for being filmed in October. The townspeople have already put on jackets. And I am a “hot girl”, posing in a raincoat on a naked body.

I am warmed by imaginary tea in my favorite cup and adrenaline — constant companions when shooting in public places. There is always a risk of being “caught” by passers-by when you are dressed as Eve (that is, naked 🙂 ) and hear the question: “Girl, are you not cold?” And local men can even offer to warm in their arms…

Usually a top-down view is unsuccessful, but not in this case. And again, a yellow cup is in the frame — an original accent (for me, a fetish one). And the busy movement in the background (people, cars) adds spice to this little plot.

This little cascading square is the perfect location! By moving just a couple of meters, you can get a completely different beautiful background. In it we shot a few short photos. All of them are already published on the site. Follow the links and enjoy:

Text — Iren Adler

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