Walking or defile is what I do best on camera! Especially in a raincoat on a naked body.

When a woman walks with her hips swaying, she is irresistible. Her gait, as Daphne said in the comedy “Some Like It Hot” — “Women have a motor that helps them swing their hips left, right, left, right!” Thanks to our internal motor, we drive men crazy 🙂

The square near Deribas is an ideal location for a nude photo session in Odessa. There are few passers-by, nothing can be seen from the transport. Walk around in an unbuttoned raincoat back and forth. Pose against the backdrop of colorful graffiti. Enjoy the adventure!

We filmed several short stories in this park and all of them have already been published on the site. Follow the links and enjoy:

Text — Iren Adler

  1. Lerson
    | Reply

    4 фото шедеврально!
    а на 5-м потрясающий чувственный взгляд пьянит

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