Can you walk naked in Odessa at night?

There is a famous photograph of Helmut Newton (the greatest photographer of his time, who changed nude photography and the attitude towards it!) – “They’re coming!

Now Pablo Incognito has his own “She’s coming!”

I’m sure if Helmut was alive, they would definitely meet with Pablo. They are so similar:

  • They both love unusual filming locations.
  • Their viewers are sometimes embarrassed and don’t know how to react to photos.
  • They both idolize women and through photography show their natural sexuality and independence.
  • Before shooting, they always communicate with their models, trying to understand their character and human qualities.
  • Both are sure that in a woman it is not so much appearance that is important (breast size, hair color …) as charisma.
  • They could always rely on their wives, muses and partners (Helmut on June Brown, Pablo on Iren Adler).

This short photo session was filmed on a warm autumn morning in the very center of Odessa, near the beautiful and famous Vorontsov Colonnade. It was a whole photo day – interesting, emotional and very difficult. In addition to this location, we visited many more (over time, you will see all of them on our website).

In these photos passers-by are very clearly visible (you have already noticed them yourself). Usually passers-by try not to get into the frame, they just watch. Here they do not even pay attention to a completely naked girl walking along the pavement in only shoes.

Odessans are accustomed to nudist beaches (they have existed since tsarist times, crowded and popular), filming a movie in the middle of the street (thanks to the Odessa Film Studio) and all sorts of antics of townspeople and guests of the city.

I love Odessa for its courage and emancipation!

See also the video backstage from this minute photoset:

Она идет! Видео бекстейдж к ню-фотосессии Пабло Инкогнито

Iren Adler

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