Primal instincts rule us to this day! Sexuality, which pushes us to procreation, is one of the most important instincts.

It is in every woman. She is the main weapon. Only some have already learned to use it, while others need to wake it up.

To develop this unique property in yourself and to love your body, I recommend taking a picture in the “Nude” genre at least once (but better more). If you hesitate, read the thoughts of my muse Iren Adler, in which she tells what path she went through and what came of it. Here are her articles:

Freya didn’t have to “play” the savage. In the lens of the camera, when I was shooting this short photoset, in her eyes I saw a primal passion. She was so natural in this image: wet and scared – I wanted to warm and protect her … Men will understand me (smiley).

In this photo story there is no full nudity, no flirting and no striptease. Just topless. It is he who makes Freya especially erotic and proves that it is not necessary to be completely naked for seduction. You just need to discover natural passion, charm or tenderness – someone has something hidden inside. Men tend to mentally undress girls and who knows where their frank fantasies can lead!

Just try to imagine her naked, and check out other photo stories featuring Freya.

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    Щось на дикунці занадто багато одягу..

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