This photoset is notable for the fact that I am wearing an outfit created by nature itself. Green ivy on a naked female body is the most chic image of primeval natural beauty!

I love beautiful clothes, shoes and jewelry. I have a rich stage wardrobe. There are more than 40 pairs of high-heeled shoes in different colors alone! Basically, my outfits are transparent dresses, tunics, skirts, blouses, capes, which I can gracefully and quickly take off and stay in my most important “combat outfit” — completely naked, and then just as quickly get dressed before passers-by notice anything 🙂

When we shot this photo shoot, we didn’t want any outfits. The virgin beauty of the surrounding space prompted the most beautiful outfit for me — green juicy ivy, which crunched “vociferously” (yes, this sound was so loud and sonorous!), while I dressed in it. And the most important decoration, a “living brooch”, was a small snail.

I turned my face to the sun and the wind, they gently caressed him. Wet sand crunched underfoot. Birds sang. Idyll!

P.S. To get to this magical place, we had to cross the river in an inflatable boat with oars. The width of the river is serious — more than 2 kilometers. What are the photographer and his muse ready to do to create a masterpiece of nude photography! 🙂

Special thanks to our fan, who was the initiator, organized this river trip himself and took us to the sparsely populated coast of the Southern Bug opposite the Namyv district in Nikolaev. Thank you, Andrey!

Text — Iren Adler

  1. Сергій
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    Сподобалась сесія, але я би залишив в неї перші 8 фото. Якщо вже прятати тіло за плющем – робити це до останнього, хай фантазія собі сама намальовує що забажає.

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