A very short nude walk in the business center of Nikolaev.

Today. Nobody noticed us! However, as always. Well, or almost always 🙂 we are very careful and worry about the people around us, because they are not ready to suddenly see such a spectacular show 🙂

Hot July in Nikolaev this year. It’s hot not only on the street, but also in Ukraine. But life goes on and we take off… clothes and with it cute crazy videos for our public.

The working day is in full swing, but the office center is empty. We have long wanted to shoot a short photo and video with a striptease on these steps. But it hasn’t worked out so far…https://pabloincognito.com/en/portfolio-tag/striptease/

Iren was going down the stairs and saw that I was filming her. After making sure that there was no one around, she took off her dress, under which she was completely naked!

Striptease in broad daylight 🙂

How do you like her performance?

  1. Сергій
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    Хто це вам сказав що не готові? Навпаки, дивився би залюбки 🙂

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