Adult games.

Easily hugs the wind, raising the hairs on his arms. He breathes into his back and whispers in his ear:

  • I’ll take you to my fantasies, high in the sky. There, on a soft cloudy feather bed, we will fly with kites until you ask to stop!
  • I agree! Take my soul…

Ravlik Dobra

Take a naked photo against the backdrop of huge bright kites! It was my wildest fantasy. And in August 2021, we implemented it!

Having visited the kite festival four years ago in the village of Trikhaty, Mykolaiv region, I fell in love with these fantastic flying creatures. Since then, every year we planned a photo shoot, but it still didn’t work out. Perhaps this idea should have matured…

Due to the pandemic, not all teams were able to come. To my regret, there weren’t the biggest and most colorful aerial participants. But it is not in our rules to be upset — if we have already gathered, then we are going.

Getting up early, having collected outfits of the brightest colors: light green, bright orange, super raspberry (and many others 🙂 ), we set off on the road. The day was windy and sunny — everything I like! The wind, like a hairdresser, constantly tousled my hair, creating a slightly careless, but very romantic look. The sun was our shield, we were against the light, and numerous visitors did not pay attention to the girl standing with her back to them with a bright pareo thrown over her shoulders. All the most piquant happened from the side of the photographer 🙂

Bright green pareos, boas, beads and panties 🙂 🙂 have created an image of an air creature that can fly away at any moment if the gust of wind suddenly becomes even stronger!

The idea of ​​the photoset is outrageous. But not a classic outrageous — a scandalous trick, defiant behavior, shocking the public. And shocking in the style of Pablo Incognito, surprising the site’s viewers with the elegance and delicacy of the image of a naked female body in an amazing location. And, of course, the question arises: “How did they do it? Didn’t anyone “catch” them?

Iren Adler

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