A black and white photo of a lady in a luxurious white hat and a little black dress, in which she poses for a photographer near a chic retro car — a classic of vintage style!

We shot this photoset in Kyiv at the Aviation Museum at the OldCar Retroflight exhibition in September 2020. How we got there and how we had fun ourselves and entertained the guests of the festival, you can read in the description of the photosets:

  • Pinup in Zhuliany 2020
  • In the warm rays & Chevrolet Monte Carlo

And also tag “Kyiv” and you will get more than ten photos and videos from this photo session.

I want to draw your attention to how this photoset differs from others shot at dawn, before the participants woke up and the audience came. And its feature is that:

  • photos are black and white, which is not typical for the work of Pablo, who loves everything colorful and bright
  • there is no full nudity in the plot, which is present in almost all the maestro’s photosets, but there is only topless and bottomless
  • photoset incredibly stylish and solid in color, plot and emotions
  • genre “Glamour” (fascination, charisma, charm) in the style of Pablo Incognito — impudent and enchanting, with light highlights

P.S. Watch the entire story series (already published). We have more in the archives and they will gradually appear in the gallery of the site. We promise 🙂

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