Video backstage to the eponymous nude photo shoot “Irene Adler and a lot of BMWs“, filmed at the retro car exhibition “Retrogathering OldCar” in 2020.

Chic, brilliance, burlesque — Irene Adler’s shocking ride along the line of “hot, grown–up German guys”. The striptease was early in the morning, until the first visitors of the exhibition arrived. But the museum guard (the exhibition was held in the open air at the Aviation Museum) watched with interest from afar.

Pablo is not very fond of photographing nude in a photo studio. He is not satisfied with a white or black background (although small photosets in a photo studio are also on the site). Give him a “live” interior and better in non–standard locations:

But most of all he likes photo shoots in the genres of “Nude”, “Glamor” and “Pin–up” in the open air:

The full list of locations is presented in the “Portfolio / By Locations” menu, take a look, we will impress you;)

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