Iren Adler and many BMWs as spectators 🙂

This is one of the last photosets we shot at the fall retreat of 2020 in Kiev…

The second day of the festival. Early morning. Awakened motorists have already begun to appear, who left their favorite cars to spend the night on the territory of the Aviation Museum, where the retrospective took place. But in the part where there were many BMWs in a long row, like soldiers, there was no one yet.

Female exhibitionism is when a girl likes to show her sudden nudity to guys. Irene had spectators — tough guys, Germans, BMWs of various models and ages, there weren’t any “youngsters” here either. And, most importantly, there were a lot of cars!

Iren is a beautiful, intelligent and courageous girl, and she quite effectively and decisively pleased the four–eyed “representatives of the car industry”. I hope the car owners liked the photo report from this show too!

(!) Surprise! If someone from the owners of BMW, represented in this photoset, or any other car where my Irene posed has read to here, and until March 7, 2021 inclusively writes to me personally, for example, on Facebook or any other messenger, I promise specifically for him to print and send an author’s poster of Pablo Incognito with his car and with Irene and with my and Iren Adler’s autographs as a gift! A spectacular decoration for your garage. All you will have left is a selfie with a car and a poster — as a keepsake. (!)

There is also a video backstage to this photoset, for which Iren Adler herself wrote a short but very interesting story, as it was:

Відеобекстейдж з ню-фотосесії на виставці ретроавтомобілів. Фотограф Пабло Інкогніто

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