What is more interesting — photo or video? If you are interested in the result, then the photo. And if the process, then the video. The main thing is that the girl was naked 🙂

Ruins again… Pablo’s favorite location… What can contrast with a beautiful naked female figure? Of course, scattered stones, concrete blocks or rebar sticking out of the wall.

A completely naked muse, only white elegant stiletto sandals, for balance — a transparent umbrella in her hands. Morning golden light illuminates her figure, balancing on a concrete slab…

The result is a sensual and romantic photoshoot in the style of Pablo Incognito.
The process is a video backstage with two additional episodes for those who supported the author a little financially:

  • putting on the shoes and undressing the model
  • taking off shoes and dressing the model 🙂

A real connoisseur of the spicy details of nude photography will definitely be able to understand this!

Text — Iren Adler

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