This video is a backstage to photosets «There is only a moment! Start.» and «There is only a moment! Walk on the steps.». Look at them too!

The cinema is being renovated. A beautiful girl in a blue dress looks around, strips naked on the steps and leaves…

Abandoned buildings, ruins are Pablo’s favorite locations. Not only because they are sparsely populated or completely deserted, but also because they are atmospheric and very effectively contrast with the beautiful naked female body, emphasizing all its seductive curves.

On this day, we returned from night photography in Odessa. The trip was very hard. We did not sleep day, night and day again (total 29 hours!). When we drove back, we wanted to call the director of the cinema and cancel the shooting. But when we approached the city, we nevertheless decided to take a couple of shots and shoot a video background.

My role was simple. Enter the frame, wander around the room and perform a striptease. In this all “blue movie” the main role was played by the color of the walls and my dress. Color in Pablo’s work is the basis of his photo stories. With it, you can enhance the impression and create a mood for the viewer.

The entire photoset lasted just over 4 minutes. Having filmed it, we went to wander through the huge number of rooms in the cinema building. And, of course, we looked at several very original locations. Let’s come up with a plot and start shooting further!

Iren Adler

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  1. Руслан
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    Фильм только для одной актрисы!!! Очень хороший и красивый сюжет!!!!
    Вы Мастер!!!!

  2. Алекс
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  3. Lerson
    | Reply

    Сочетание яркости модели и блеклости фона!
    Чувствуется достойный профессионализм Pablo и Ирен!!!!!

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