“I really want to print a few photos on metal!” — our story began with this unusual phrase…

I am extremely grateful to my friend Igor Sakhatskiy for this phrase. Igor a professional sports photographer, but also a big fan of original photo printing technologies. “So this is a need for chrome–plated headlights of an old car,” I replied to Igor, and he immediately said that literally tomorrow, on September 12, 2020, “OldCar Retroparty” will take place in Kiev at the Aviation Museum

Hurry packing, a trip to Kiev at the wheel of a Daewoo–Sens, a simple private motel not far from the Zhulyany airport… Entrance to the exhibition is 100 UAH. per person ☹ Press service tent, and many thanks to the one who came up with free admission for journalists!!!

More than 350 cars took part in the event. There were motorcycles and even retro-pedals! You are looking at the photo report from the first day now. A lot of emotions. The weather is fine. Most of the exhibitors were so welcoming that they even let my muse drive their car (for a photo, of course). Passers-by watched our photo session, admired and complimented Iren.

Reportage, a little glamor and even a bit of pin–up?

At dawn there was a second photoset. No visitors. How beautifully a beautiful woman and an old car coexist in the frame! Photo report, of course, will be! And not even one!

And photos “on metal” now have something to print from!

5 Responses

  1. Андрей
    | Reply

    Отличные фото! Очаровательная модель Ирэн Адлер среди красивых машин!

    • Pablo

      Спасибо! Будут ещё сюжеты с машинами! Немножко подождите…

  2. Lerson
    | Reply

    Огромное спасибо за подаренные эмоции!
    Очень яркая сессия!

  3. Lerson
    | Reply

    А можно не совсем скромный вопрос?
    Ирен на этих фото позировала в трусиках или без?

    • PabloIncognito

      Хороший вопрос! Было жарко… Это очевидно.

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