Women’s panties are a fetish for a lot of men (though maybe women too)!

Pablo is no exception 🙂 .

There is already a photoset on the site, where the key bright accessory was panties – “Yellow flashing in the park
“. And by the word “panties“, you can see a photo where they are shown as if by chance.

In this plot, panties are the main part of striptease (in this case, incomplete, but quite emotional).

But what exactly is needed for a spectacular striptease?

Just a few points:

  • a secluded spot, in this case a path in a park
  • beloved girl who will perform it for you
  • light translucent dress, which does not have to be removed, and so everything is visible
  • high-heeled shoes to make your feet sky-high
  • beautiful decoration, it is important for the girl herself
  • and, of course, cute panties!

This summer Saturday morning we decided to shoot a story with cute raspberry panties ?. We went into the woods, found a romantic place – a path overlooking the river and the lighthouse. They took off not only the panties, but also the photo, and, of course, the video! When the video will be uploaded, I don’t know yet, apparently the time has not come yet ?. But I know for sure, it will be …

The striptease photo is part of Pablo Incognito’s style, which he calls “Contemporary Ukrainian Social Erotica”. This is how he sees modern nude photography … On the street, almost without retouching. In the role of his muses – ordinary girls who want to be admired.

You don’t have to be a photo model to do nude. You just have to want it and do it. This “photo fitness” (as I call our photo sessions) helps to love yourself and your body, get rid of prejudices imposed by society and start living the way you like, trying on different, even the most frank and daring images, realizing your secret desires through photography in genres “Nude”, “Glamor” and “Pinup” – performed by the extravagant and shocking nude photographer Pablo Incognito!

Iren Adler

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  1. Алекс
    | Reply

    Как всегда, шикарна!

  2. Александр
    | Reply

    Ирен ваша самая лучшая модель!!! Волшебно красивая женщина!!!

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