After the photo shoot “Young Maid. Old Airport.” we decided with Nadin to go ashore at the entrance to Matveevka. I wanted more sky and air. Arrived. On the shore of no one. Settled down. Suitcase, black cardigan…

Nadin is getting ready, and I’m setting up the camera. A test shot, two, three… And then the fishermen arrived at the Gazelle. With bags in which snacks and drinks. True, we did not notice fishing rods… A cheerful crowd fell out of the car:

Happy holiday! They shouted in unison.
What is it with? — we were surprised.
Happy fisherman’s day!
Happy holiday guys! But you thwarted a photo shoot for us, which had every chance of becoming large–scale and interesting…

We had to retire.

Here are three photos that I selected from the “sighting” frames. Lovely, right? It shows that we were determined to remove the masterpiece 😉

It’s only the beginning! Summer is ahead, we will definitely try again…

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  1. Вячеслав
    | Reply

    Надія, як ніколи гарна!

    • Pablo


  2. Сергій
    | Reply

    Чекаємо продовження фотосесії 🙂

    • Pablo

      Кожен день на сайті з’являється новий фотосет. І я докладаю максимальних зусиль, щоб це ніколи не закінчилося! А фотосесія, яка вже завершилася, ніколи не може бути продовжена! Читайте уважно опис цієї серії робіт!

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