Once in the summer of 2019, after a nude beach in Yuzhny, we drove past the Tiligul estuary, just where kite surfing is practiced… On the side of the road, there was a truck with a yellow (!) cab. And we, as always, had a couple of accessories for casual photosets — yellow shoes and a hat! Iren Adler was wearing my old men’s shirt — just so it wouldn’t be hot and the body would not get sunburned. Right in this, not at all “glamorous” outfit, we made some funny shots.

The wind was so strong that my brave muse did not dare to unbutton her shirt — she was afraid that she would simply fly away, and Iren would be completely naked in the middle of a busy track 🙁

Drivers passing by honked a couple of times (they probably paid attention to the tanned legs, because they could not see anything else) 🙂

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