On this day, we planned to just relax …

Early spring. The day was very warm. We drove out of town to nature to wander through the forest and get some fresh air. While walking, we came across a part of the pine forest that was after the fire. The bark of the trees was badly burned, right up to black. The space around us was fabulous and at the same time mystical.

Since we were just going for a walk, I did not have different outfits, shoes, accessories with me. But we could not pass by such a gorgeous location as a black forest, and decided to take some photos. We are lucky that Pablo doesn’t part with his camera 🙂

A warm black jacket, winter boots and sunglasses created an unexpected look for me. And the dark contrast processing of black and white photographs added a bit of mysticism.

This photoset is very different from many – there is no coquetry, bright colors, high-heeled shoes and airy dresses, beads, panties and other women’s paraphernalia … This is what makes it interesting!

It can even be classified as a “Nu-art” genre (I think so). I like myself here very much! Especially because I can be different: funny, sexy, seductive and like this – mysterious …

P.S. That day we even sunbathed (naked, of course) in the tall grass. The sun was very hot and my nose even “burned out”. Like this!

Iren Adler

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