Iren is a doctor (didn’t you know? 🙂 ). She happened to be on duty on a holiday…

It so happened that day there were very few visitors, and the watch was not over yet. Here is our charming doctor Iren Adler and decided to walk around the entire polyclinic building, built in Soviet times, to see if everything is in order. Making sure that there was no one in the whole building except her, Iren decided… to play a little prank!

I will say in advance that our doctor does not wear underwear under a robe. Of course, on the steps where many, many people pass on a typical day, Iren decided to perform her small and inspiring striptease! To do this, she just had to take off the only thing that hid her charming nakedness — a white medical robe!

She could not completely remove it immediately, she unbuttoned it all, opened it, closed it again — she kept listening to see if a visitor had entered the building, or, even more so, one of her colleagues!
Finally, desire overcame common sense, the prank succeeded, the adrenaline is already going through the roof, but the day is not over yet… Iren is bored… We are waiting, what else will Iren do alone, in an empty building?

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  1. Сергій
    | Reply

    Найкраще фото з цієї фотосесії!

    • PabloIncognito

      Я бы, конечно, другое фото выбрал… Жанр, всё-таки. Возможно, вы пошутили…

  2. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Не сразу узнал Ирен. Фото как будто сделано при Совке.
    Если бы меня лечила такая докторица, я бы термометр постоянно в чай мокал, чтобы высокая температура как можно дольше держалась))

  3. M.Aykut
    | Reply


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