Iren Adler and Harley Davidson… The date of a seductive half–naked woman and a brutal ultramarine bike… This is not a fairy tale, it happened in reality one cold December day…

Winter. Very cold. Our favorite locations (beaches, parks, ruins, streets, fields) are not available for photo sessions. We are looking for premises. Not a photo studio, no, it’s trite! We are looking for something sincere, brutal, original… Found! Garage where motorbikes are parked for the winter. Pablo Incognito arranged a photo shoot with a local jazz singer on the condition that after her short photo shoot he would be able to shoot scenes in his delicate genre with his main muse.

This was my first photo session, when the men who were in the garage (and there were 5 of them!), defiantly pretended that they were not at all interested in what was happening. They were standing three meters away from me, talking loudly and pretending not to look in my direction. But in fact, I noticed how they look at me and are embarrassed by the feelings that awaken in their hearts. To be honest, I was annoyed by their behavior. If they were not so interested, why did they take the most convenient position to peep? It would be better if they unceremoniously followed what was happening. Such a show turns on all the participants and mischievous pictures are obtained…

Anyway! Pretend to be healthy, guys!

I am a professional photo actress (as Pablo sometimes calls me). And, as an actress should, no matter what, I must continue to play my performance. I am in a chic yellow dress (the maestro’s favorite color) with an open back next to a handsome Harley of incredibly ultramarine color, on the bumper of which there is an airbrushed image of a pirate’s skull — a bewitching pattern.

Usually girls in other outfits and other poses are near motorcycles. But this is standard and boring for Pablo. He likes contrast, dissonance, challenge. Although this is my first time posing on a bike, my outfit and my poses are completely different. The maestro is pleased with the result, even despite the fact that we were constantly distracted by the loud–speaking company opposite.

Over time, typing “garage erotica” into the browser search bar will not only show stereotypical images of biker girlfriends in short leather shorts, heavy boots and white t–shirts that unnaturally curve the back, but will also show sophisticated Iren Adler in a yellow evening dress in a real garage where iron horses are repaired.

I know that I differ from other nude models not only in my posing style, but also in my confidence in my charisma and sexuality. My master, maestro, my Pablo constantly reminds me of this. And it’s worth it!

Yours, Iren Adler

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  1. Lerson
    | Reply

    Ирен, великолепно позирует возле мото….умничка!
    Такое ощущение, что она умеет великолепно обращаться с железным конем.
    Я даже готов представить своего “конька горбунка” в красивые руки Ирен

    • Pablo

      Ирен отлично водит автомобиль.

  2. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Эххх! Завела меня, чертовка! Представляю себя Харлеем.
    А что делали пацаны в это время? Разве ж можно спокойно работать, когда рядом такое?

    • PabloIncognito

      Это сложный вопрос… Люди всегда по–разному себя ведет вприсутствии моих муз. Но они точно не работали 🙂

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