On the same day, we took a photoset «Garage erotica in yellow». The place of shooting is a garage where motorbikes spend the winter. I did not get a brutal image. He is rather cute, sensual and a little shameless.

I love accessories. A hat is the best of them. They can hide the face like a mask, but it makes the image more mysterious. A black poncho made of thin lace hides the curves of the figure and suddenly shows them if the model is moving.

The atmosphere in the garage working. The handsome blue Harley is waiting to be painted here, as the mechanic told us. To be honest, I didn’t understand why, its paintwork is in excellent condition, and the airbrush — the pirate’s skull — is perfect. Probably the owner is tired of color.

I was photographed for the first time with a motorcycle. I can’t ride an iron horse yet, so I posed as best I could. It turned out out of the ordinary. All our photo shoots are non–standard, so say visitors to Pablo Incognito exhibitions. Little stereotypical “sweet” glamor, a lot of emotions and unusual poses and locations. This photoset is no exception.

Just 2 minutes and 98 shots. 5 most successful, according to the maestro, staff on the site. In fact, more successful shots. I hope that one day he will supplement this plot with a few more intriguing photos…

Wait and see!

Iren Adler

  1. Lerson
    | Reply

    Очень хочется увидеть эти самые как указано Ирен “интригующие фоточки”
    Порадуйте Ваших поклонников

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