It was a hot summer evening with a rich nude photo session in 2019.

We spent the whole day by the sea in the company of our friends – a lovely married couple. We sunbathed naked on a nude beach in Yuzhnoye. Swam in the warm sea. They ate mussels cooked over the fire. Enjoyed and enjoyed life 🙂 .

On the way back we decided to take a picture by the rolls. At this time of the year, huge rolls of golden hay lie in the fields. They look magical on a cut field – the perfect romantic location for glamorous photos. Well, it’s simply impossible to drive by! Cars are parked along the highway, people are photographed near the windrows, their photos are gradually filling the feeds in social networks. So we decided to show you exactly how to take pictures 🙂 …

Two absolutely naked girls (Iren Adler and Catherine Kinn) are like golden statues at sunset – the revived minx fooling around, throwing straw and, of course, posing for the nude photographer Pablo Incognito.

The result is another small photoset for the collection, short, but very emotional and erotic.

Our men were happy. Everyone admired his muse (wife).

It was a good day. We must repeat this every summer!

Iren Adler

P.S. Also catch a short and funny backstage video, I wonder? Click on the link! 🙂

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  1. Алекс
    | Reply

    Красотки! Естественные, атмосферные фото! Очень красивый закатный свет.

    • Pablo


  2. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Что то я стал полюблять когда на фото две дамочки.
    Такие загорелые и аппетитные. Прям красотки!

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