Usually photo shoots in the genres “Glamor” and “Nude” are filmed in large sunflowers, and we filmed in small …

In search of beautiful landscapes, we went to Cape Ajigol. We planned to spend two days in this picturesque place. We were ready for adventure and they happened to us. But that’s a completely different story…

So. We were driving along the road and suddenly noticed a field with very small sunflowers. We couldn’t get past such beauty, and of course we stopped to take some shots.

There was no script, I just posed a little and flashed my new bikini–haircut. Sometimes cars drove by and I had to button up my blouse so as not to embarrass anyone, and then unbutton it again… Some drivers honked, because they understood that there was a girl in a very short “dress” and a man with a camera in the field for a reason…

As I said, our journey was rich not only in adventure, but it was rich in a large number of photo stories captured. Now all of them are “patiently waiting for their turn” to be developed, sorted and published on the site. This is how he is, my Pablo, his photoset must stand and mature 🙂

So visit us more often and you will be the first to see something new 😉

Iren Adler

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    Exquisite and very classy. Thanx for the vision.

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