July 25, 2019. Working day. It’s time for lunch.

There are few office nude photo shoots in our portfolio, but there are very spicy photosets;). Usually we prepare for photosets: think over the plot, choose outfits, set a date… But not this time!

I went to Pablo’s office for a snack and a chat (we’ve been working together for many years). And, somehow it happened by itself. Performed a striptease. In the office. On an office chair. Against the background of the window!

Like a real nude photographer, Pablo grabbed a camera and took a picture of his crazy wife.

Then these shots went to his extensive archive to defend and mature for publication on the site. And now, the time has come – you can assess what happened.

What else can a woman do for a beloved man? To seduce, tempt and captivate!

Iren Adler

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  1. Верочка
    | Reply

    Силуэт – самый выигрышный вид ню. Идеально подходит для оформления интерьера. А у меня есть парочка фото из этой серии. Это я хвастаюсь))) Люблю этими фото смущать своих гостей)))

    • PabloIncognito

      Так и есть! Несколько работ из этой серии украшают интерьер Верочки. Уверен, что вполне удачно вписались.

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