Naked Freya at the Domus Solis art object, Odesa.

If you agree to a photo session in the “nude” genre, but are still not ready to reveal your face, a mask will help you in this difficult decision! A small openwork, elegant black, or, as in this photoset, a chic Venetian one with large feathers…

Freya is a very brave muse. She is very, very fond of being photographed. Undressing for her is not a problem, even near such a popular place as the House of the Sun on Lanzheron.

She really wanted to do three things:

  • take a picture completely naked
  • so that the face is hidden by a luxurious mysterious mask
  • make the most cherished wish at sunrise

And she did the first, the second and the third! I hope her cherished wish will come true…

And, although it was early, before dawn, we still had a few spectators. They sat on benches, wrapped in blankets and greeted the dawn (this is the tradition in Odessa). And out of the corner of their eye they looked at the photographer and the model…

The show only lasted a minute! So fast. None of the spectators had time to get bored, but we provided a carnival of emotions for them – from embarrassment to admiration! Thanks to our viewers 🙂

We also filmed a video backstage for this photoset:

Видео бекстейдж ню-арт-фото сессии Пабло Инкогнито

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