«Cabotage» is a wonderful location in the shipborne Nikolaev. Here you can take pictures at any time of the day or night. But the most wonderful shots, in my opinion, are obtained early in the morning.

Pablo loves tо take pictures in the “Nude” in backlight, because a naked female body, when the sun shines from behind, turns out to be slimmer and more mysterious in photographs. The gentle morning light enhances the figure’s dignity. Since Pablo does not process your photos in Photoshop, I also love contouring – I’m always sure that I will look perfect!

We specially arrived in the morning in the hope that no one would be. It was not so, the fishermen were already fishing at full speed! They are located in the best locations. This, of course, upset us. But one place was still not occupied by anyone. Previously, we did not notice it, but it turned out to be quite picturesque for our genre.

Since the location was along the road, along which cars and trucks drove every 2-3 minutes, we had only a couple of minutes for the photo session. We invested in them. Pablo “shot” 80 frames from which he created this mini-photo story.

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Iren Adler

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    хорошо акцентировал идеальную фигуру Иры!

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