It was a pleasant morning in every sense. We chatted, played pranks and took a lot of good bottomless photos…

This early summer morning we shot some photo stories. The first is Black and White at Dawn. This is a pair photography in the “nude” genre. Me (Iren Adler) and Bella are the main characters. This is not the first time we have photographed together. Our joint photo sessions always take place in a comfortable environment and pleasant communication.

As Pablo says, the passages are mine! He is very fond of taking pictures and filming the way I just walk. He says that I do it very gracefully. I will not argue 🙂

In such penetrations, there is a great opportunity to show off your slender legs, make a couple of crazy highlights and flirt with the photographer. The result of such filming is seductive photos and videos.

Video backstage of this photo session:

Легкая прогулка в прозрачном платье. Видео Пабло Инкогнито

Iren Adler

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  1. Сергій
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    Сміливо! А якщо б були випадкові спостерігачі?

    • Pablo

      Та й що с того? Думаю, їм би просто пощастило!

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  3. Kalamari
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