Dawn at sea can be met in different ways…

Having removed the photo session “She is coming!” near the Vorontsov colonnade and a couple more photosets along the way, we got to Langeron. There we saw a nice picture — people were sitting wrapped in blankets (it was cool then, September!) And looked at the sea in anticipation of dawn. There is such a tradition in Odessa — to meet the sunrises! 🙂

Moving to the edge of the embankment, so that the lights of the Odessa seaport would get into the frame, we began shooting. One minute and the photoset is ready (there are many such one–minute photosets on the site, and if you carefully read the text descriptions, you will find them).

Of course, we had spectators. They glanced at me furtively. But after the photo session near the Vorontsovskaya Colonnade and on the Potemkin Stairs, I was no longer shy, because I knew that Odessans were tolerant and careful of such shocking.

It was windy, humid and cool, but I didn’t notice. The adrenaline from such a “public” 🙂 performance warmed me up.

I love Odessa!

I feel comfortable in it even naked!

Iren Adler

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