The silhouette of a naked female body in contour is a classic of nude photography, when you want eroticism, but there is no task to show details. That is to say, a very delicate erotica …

That day we were in the vicinity of the city in search of a field with poppies. Girls are very fond of photographs in flowers. Especially in poppies! This fragile and bright flower in Persian culture was considered a symbol of joy and eternal love, and the wild field poppy hinted at the desire for a secret intimate relationship. Sounds erotic, doesn’t it?

We were lucky with the poppies and the mood, and we shot several scenes in a field with poppies near the highway with another Pablo muse, Karina Stern:

Pablo even released a series of five posters, ” Red Poppies. It will rain soon … “. Some of them decorate the interiors of our fans.

At first glance, this tunnel is pretty ordinary. No fabulous ceiling vaults. Straight geometric rectangle shape. But it was precisely with his simplicity that he attracted the maestro. Because of its deep enough depth, it has a long transition from darkness to light – ideal conditions for creating a beautiful silhouette picture.

The outfits are superfluous here. Shoes to make my legs longer. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail to accentuate the graceful neck and shoulders. A couple of minutes, a dozen poses, a record low number of frames and a new photoset is ready!

P.S. Usually Pablo takes 50 to 300 frames per minute to catch the movement. If interested, pay attention to the technical information for each photoset — Total shots

Iren Adler

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