May 2020. The season of photo shoots in poppies has begun.

All photographers with their models in search of a beautiful field of these wonderful red flowers. I, Pablo and Karina Stern got together and also went in search of a romantic location. Pablo knew one pretty field of wild poppies near Kherson. We went there.

But upon arriving at the place, they saw that there were no flowers on the field. They were upset, but did not want to give up. We decided to just go along the highway, and, perhaps, we will be lucky and we will meet these coveted poppies.

On the bypass around Kherson we saw a small field of wild poppies. Near the highway where the trucks were racing. But suddenly clouds came, the sky darkened and periodically drizzled with a light rain. Thanks to thunderclouds, the sky in photographs is more textured than on a cloudless sunny day.

We wanted to make this photoset with a national flavor, a white blouse with thin spaghetti straps and a red long wrap skirt – the image of a Ukrainian woman – emotional, graceful and sexy. She walks in the field, collects poppies … She dreams … She undresses and the stormy wind invites her to dance …

Photos from this photoset are used in a series of author’s erotic posters, which you can buy in our “Boutique” in your personal collection or as a gift, for example, to a person who has everything or a real lover of erotic art.

Links to author’s posters:

Pablo is not only an active nude photographer, he is also a professional graphic designer. He made all the layouts of the posters presented in the Boutique himself. Some even published his poems. So sometimes he is also a poet 🙂

Iren Adler

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