This is a continuation of the photoset. Beginning “Study with a box. Orange and yellow.” see this link.

“… the warm sun of the beginning of autumn is still warm and even slightly burns. Therefore, the yellow beach hat is very useful. By the way, you can hide behind it from the admiring glances of two male photographers 🙂

Although, they have already seen everything on me, because today was already several photosets in the “Nude” genre! This is especially true of Pablo, because he has been photographing me for over 18 years, and he has known for so many years that it’s even scary to think! 🙂 “

— something like that Iren Adler could think, kindly posing for us naked in some yellow shoes in this field against the backdrop of magnificent windmills

See also the video backstage for this photoset:

P.S. This photoset participates in the online exhibition “PHOTO OF ONE DAY” (29.03-11.04.2021)

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