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Lovely girls and women are my future muses!

I am speaking to you openly, because I am such a person. I say what I think. I am sure that only open relationships with mutual trust are the key to real creativity, the result of which, in our case, can be the masterpieces of photography!

I work, as my beloved wife likes to say, in a “delicate” genre. This genre is usually called “nude”, “glamor”, “eroticism” sometimes even “pin–up”. But no matter how he is called, he must always be delicate and safe — this is my credo. I’m safe, like a teddy bear;) And my photos are safe, too, but we’ll talk about this later.

What exactly do I expect from meeting you?

So… The moments that I consider to be mandatory if you want to become my muse (“models” are closer to fashion shows, “models” are closer, but I am for emotional communication, because “muses” are all the same):

  1. You should not have traces of a swimsuit. Generally should not be! I can help you and share the addresses of nudist beaches. If you can’t or don’t want to visit such beaches, sunbathe on the balcony or do not sunbathe at all, although the color of a tanned naked female body is the most magical “outfit”.
  2. I do not like tattoos. Although the exception can be either a very beautiful, professionally made tattoo that does not contradict the image, or a very small and delicate one that does not strike the eye.
  3. Large scars are very undesirable. But if you love them very much, then they can become your decoration. I know such an example when a girl really loves her scar after appendicitis. As a result, when you look at her naked, you don’t notice a scar!
  4. Since our future cooperation is a creative union, I will have a condition for you: not to be removed from other photographers during the period that we will agree on. It can be a month, three months, half a year, a year or more… Strange, at first glance! I explain: the girl “flutters” from photographer to photographer, loses her emotional uniqueness. And for my photos, emotions are very important! As a photo director, I want to create exactly your unique image of a photo actress, and your communication with other “directors” in the same period may interfere with us.
  5. I want to work with different girls — blondes, brunettes, redheads… Athletic, graceful, with “tasty” shapes… From 18 years old and a little mischief is on… But the most important thing is the emotional contact of the creator and the muse, the desire to create something unbelievable that no one has yet created. For creativity is not the result. Creativity is the process itself, the result of which was appreciated by the public!

These are my wishes. If they “came in” — we will agree!

What return can you get from our cooperation?

  1. Photo. There are a lot of beautiful photos for which you do not pay if the shooting will be on TFP.
  2. Publication of your photosets on my creative site (naturally, I need your consent in advance in advance, even before the shooting starts). And as a result — recognition and popularity.
  3. My friendship. I consider myself an interesting, versatile and quite adequate person, and this is already a lot 🙂
  4. Opportunities: grow creatively, self–actualize and identify. Perhaps in the process of our communication you will discover new facets in yourself that you did not even guess about. You will definitely increase your self–esteem and will be even more confident in your irresistibility.
  5. Participation in commercial projects (orders for advertising and printing). The possibility of additional income (when I start selling my work, I will pay my muses shown in these photos).
  6. Realize your own idea – you just order a photo session from me, pay for it, and get a unique set of copyright photos. Of course, we can come up with an idea together!

Total… I am ready to cooperate in two directions:

  • TFP (I set a goal — you do not pay). Photos are common.
  • ORDER (you set the task — you pay). Your photos.

Everything is very simple.

I want to hear your wishes and questions. Any questions. Write in the comments or personally to me by mail or in the messenger convenient for you (+380631632285). You can call or even come, and I will meet you with a cup of hot aromatic coffee or delicious tea with lemon 🙂

Can not wait to see you!

Pablo Incognito


  1. The photo was taken by my friend — a professional sports photographer (sometimes I work in pairs, this is more interesting angles).
  2. The text was first composed by my wife, thanks to her. But I reworked it.
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