In the role of the modern Amazon girl, Pablo saw Freya.

He pondered this image for a long time. He was looking for a location. A suitable place for this nude photo shoot was found practically in the city center. This area is called Camp Field. They like to hold not only single photo shoots here, but wedding couples often come here.

As always, we got together quickly. In the evening we phoned, the next day we met and went to the place.

The team consisted of 5 people:

  • Pablo Incognito – photographer of a delicate genre, creator of the direction – modern Ukrainian social erotica
  • Freya is Pablo’s muse, a brave and independent young woman, mother of two lovely kids
  • Iren is Pablo’s inspiration and partner, and is also a stylist for this photo shoot
  • Chudik is a young backstage player who helps us and reacts with delight to everything that happens around
  • Voyaka is a real military instructor who provided us with training models of weapons and advised us during the photo shoot.

The beautiful and dangerous Freya is the dream of a real man. She will be able to protect her children if the man is not around. But if he is, she will stand behind him and feed the cartridges! A reliable rear and a cozy hearth – these images can be seen in her gaze. I see, and you?

In this photo story, of course, there is no full nudity (striptease). But he would be out of place here. Bottomless is enough to excite the imagination and make photos look sexy – not soft and tender, but passionate and dangerous …

In the process of photographing, a fisherman with fishing rods stomped past. He walked slowly :).

On this day, Pablo photographed Freya not only with a crossbow. There was also a submachine gun and a pistol (models, of course) … But these are completely different photo stories and photographs :).

Iren Adler

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  1. Алекс
    | Reply

    Скромно, скромно… Разбаловал Ириной)))

  2. gf
    | Reply

    замечательные фото с новой моделью.

    • Pablo

      Смотрите внимательно! Эта модель у нас уже появлялась!

  3. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Настоящая амазонка, красивая и сексуальная. Наверное рядом с ней настоящий мужик, сильный и заботливый.
    Очень понравились эти фото!

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