I, of course, understand that summer, heat, the beauty bought a melon and carries it in a yellow string bag… Yes, indeed, a yellow sun hat is needed. But why, tell me, would she have yellow high–heeled shoes and a shiny gold Faith necklace here on the back road? Well, yellow–mirrored sunglasses from the sun — that’s understandable. But why are these gold bracelets on the handle and even on the leg?

At the same time, the girl is completely… naked!

Or maybe just for beauty. Is it such a sunny summer yellow fashion? 🙂

And here is another photoset, photographed on the same day, with my beloved muse Iren Adler — “Buy melons and watermelons!” (click on the link and enjoy watching the original nude photo session).

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    Красиво получилось! Браво!

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