The end of the summer. Time for watermelons and melons. In addition to being tasty and healthy berries, it is also a very effective decor for a nude photo shoot …

Initially, we planned to shoot this photoset at the real wholesale market on the Nikolaev–Kherson highway. There, Kherson farmers sell vegetables and fruits directly from their trucks and minibuses.

At 6 am we were already there. But, unfortunately, what our imagination draws cannot always be realized in reality. There are a lot of sellers and goods, but the spectacle, let’s say, is depressing — a lot of dust, tired people… We walked around the market and realized that you shouldn’t shock these lovely sellers. We were upset, of course, but didn’t give up — it’s not in our rules. We just loaded a full trunk with watermelons and melons (we still had to skimp home). We got into the car and drove towards Kherson! what if we get lucky and find a place for our idea?

Literally a couple of kilometers away, right behind the “Kherson Region” stele, we turned onto a country road and saw a field of sunflowers blooming in wild color. Although in other fields at the end of August they had long faded and the harvesting of sunflower was already coming to an end.

This year we have not yet photographed in sunflowers. While they were going, they had already managed to bloom. Therefore, when we saw this field, we realized that we were lucky. As they say – we will kill two birds with one stone!

Pablo’s favorite color — yellow — was dazzling and pleasing to the eye. It remains only to play along with a yellow hat, glasses, shoes and a belt bag (almost every seller has this, it is convenient to add proceeds to it).

In our arsenal of yellow items there was also a cup and a knitted string bag, which also came in handy during photography. They helped to “finish playing” the image of a mature saleswoman who smokes cigarettes with a cup of coffee at the workplace. But it was this trader who was distinguished from others by the fact that she attracted customers with her insolent naked appearance!

Looking at the photographs, one can fantasize that she had no end to male buyers. These men, of course, did not get into the frame. Dream up on this topic and do not deny yourself anything!

For those who have a yellow color, too, a fetish, I recommend watching a few more photosets and videos in which yellow accents are present:

Pablo has a lot of captured, but unpublished photosets with yellow color — they are all waiting in the wings to appear on the site.

And I will also tell you a secret — wherever we go for a photo shoot, we always have with us something yellow from clothes or accessories. Because you never know when they will come in handy. For example, like this time, when we quite by accident at the end of summer found a field with blooming sunflowers — a great location for photo shoots in the styles of “Nude” and “Glamor” and we had a yellow props.

Iren Adler

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  1. Lerson
    | Reply

    Павел, Ирен!
    очень яркая и оригинальная фотосессия, молодцы!

    • Pablo

      А вы самый активный и искренний комментатор! Спасибо вам от меня и от Ирен (ситит рядом и подсказывает) 🙂

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