What such a girl does in a deserted place is anyone’s guess, but she does it very effectively and candid!

On the way to the shooting of the provocative photoset “Raspberry Fetish“, we decided to shoot this video …

Imagine the situation…

A couple of lovers are walking. They did not notice how they wandered into a place where there are no people. Beautiful weather, hormones play…

Let the men excuse me, but it is the woman who decides how events will develop further. Because it is she who owns a powerful weapon that a man cannot resist, especially if he is in love — this is a temptation!

Back to the couple …

Walking, they have fun with video filming (now many couples do this when guys take pictures of their girls for stories). He follows her and removes her legs, he is crazy about her long, slender, with a beautiful relief of the muscles of the legs. He likes the length of the dress (maybe it’s a swimsuit, of course :)). He understands that if she lifts it a little, he will see a little more …

She knows that he is watching the swing of her hips. She walks his rapturous look. He observes that the camcorder’s lens is focusing on her mouth-watering forms and decides that it’s time to “turn on the charm to the fullest” and tempt him!

This kind of play turns both of them on. It brightens the sensations and impressions. This is called prelude. She is an important part of all relationships between women and men.

So, she walks along the road, turns around, smiles coquettishly, lifts the hem of an already short dress, showing elastic buttocks, turns again, and for a moment “lights up” her stylish bikini-haircut (she has something to brag about, she is not shaved bald, “Eve’s bud” has an original hairstyle that only she has).

And she goes forward again! And turns to face again. She smiles slyly and, as if by chance, for half a minute bares her round chest with a protruding nipple… He does not even have time to notice this, as he closely monitors the composition on the screen of his smartphone …

According to statistics, male fetishes are more common than female fetishes. The most popular fetish among men is women’s panties.

Knowing this, she, like a magician, takes out from her crimson ladies’ handbag transparent crimson panties, which, by the way, go well with her crimson stiletto heels and a short blue satin dress!

At that moment, she heard his drawn-out groan and realized that now he would not go anywhere from her and would definitely marry, or at least, he would show special activity today! :).

As a control shot, her trick “sounded” with the final pranks with panties attached to her naked buttocks and a woman’s tummy. His fantasies are off the charts, he understands that he will always love this woman, because she is so alone in the whole wide world!

But suddenly, it is here that she decides that it is time to stop this “disgrace”, pulls down her skirt and looks into the distance with an imperturbable look.

But! It’s not over yet!..

Iren Adler

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  1. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Посмотрел видео… Завелся!
    Потом прочитал текст… На такой бы и я женился!!!

    • PabloIncognito

      Та поздно уже жениться! 🙂 Ищите себе музу! Они есть, я уверяю вас 🙂
      А по тексту — такая задача и стояла, чтобы читатель завёлся!

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